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By GISALEGEND 15 May, 2019 09:23

TOTS is inbound and with it some very nice cards to look forward to from La Liga for those who put in their hard work this season, from a number of regular faces to some new faces and returning players too. With this squad of 23, there is potential for other TOTS cards through objectives and SBCs, but for the purpose of this we are focusing on the main 23.
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Jan Oblak - GK - OVR 90 While defensively Atletico have been suspect at times this season they have been saved by Oblak, while they may not be challenging for the title anymore, a number of performances this season have stood out and looks set for a TOTS. 

Jordi Alba - LB - OVR 87 Alba has been key at the back for Barcelona as like Dembele, Suarez and Messi up top, seems set for his regular TOTS card.
Diego Godin - CB - OVR 90 Godin has been consistent at the back all season with him being a key component for them, as a result of his performances in the league should merit a nice TOTS, the big question is the pace on him as needs to be useable too but as always deserves his spot.
Gerard Pique - CB - OVR 87 Pique has made the defence his own at Barcelona with multiple special cards including UCL Live, will be interesting to see what rating and stats this TOTS Card has.

Ousmane Dembele - LW - OVR 84 Dembele has been a key part of Barcelona's attack on all fronts and as a result led to multiple special cards for him as shown by his headliner card, his TOTS will be very appealing.
Ivan Rakitic - CM - OVR 87 Rakitic has been 1 of the consistent cogs in this Barcelona side as highlighted by his TOTGS Card, while others within the team or league may feature he deserves a TOTS though for his form all season.
Saul - CM - OVR 85 A TOTS Card for Saul could be very exciting but also at the same time is a card that potentially could have been even better than it could be, as while he has been unlucky to not bag an IF, he may end up in most consistent but should feature in La Liga.
Dani Parejo - CM - OVR 86 Parejo has found himself a key cog in the Valencia team, with him rewarded with multiple special cards while me may lack pace his TOTS card could be an interesting card to own as a result though.

Lionel Messi - RW - OVR 94 Barcelona have been on point all season and a big part down to players like Messi who have stood out impressively, with multiple specials to note and the big question is will the TOTS be 99 rated too?
Antoine Griezmann - ST - OVR 90 Griezmann has led the line standing out for Atletico for another season and as a result looks set for another TOTS card.
Luis Suarez - ST - OVR 91 Suarez has not been as prolific as past seasons but still scoring ample goals, looks set for another TOTS Card.   

Marc Andre Ter-Stegen  - GK - OVR 89 Ter-Stegen has been a difference maker as part of that defensive unit at Barcelona with considerable saves made and while had the odd moment to forget, he has been key all season as they challenge on all fronts and while he may get in Most Consistent, we feel he deserves in La Liga TOTS regardless.
Sergi Roberto - RB - OVR 84 As with Alba, Sergi Roberto been consistent at the back and deserves a spot in at RB, be aware that may end up in Most Consistent, but should have a strong shout featuring here.
Giovani Lo Celso - CAM - OVR 82 Lo Celso has been running the Betis midfield, challenging with a good balance of goals and assists to his name with a number of his performances have stood out with a TOTGS Card due to his performances & upgrade too, a TOTS Card looks set to be his highlight of the year.
Pablo Sarabia - CAM - OVR 83 Sarabia has been a key piece of the midfield for Seviila, as noted by multiple IFs and throughout the season he's stood out well and a TOTS looks set for him as a result he has played multiple positions but CM/CAM seems most likely especially as his base card was at RM. 
Wissam Ben Yedder - ST - OVR 82 One of Sevilla's key players who could prove a key option for hybrids, the big question is though will he be passed on but with a number of impressive performances in league and Europe, should help his chances. 
Iago Aspas - ST- OVR 85 Aspas been a key part of the Celta attack as they fight to stay up, with multiple IFs & League SBC Card too his TOTS card has the potential to be a neat addition.
Karim Benzema - ST - OVR 85 While Real Madrid have not been as impressive this season with the loss of Ronaldo, Benzema has stepped up this season especially in the 2nd half of the season, as a result could be 1 of the few TOTS Cards for Real Madrid. 

Norberto Neto - GK- OVR 84 Neto has been impressive in net for Valencia as a result of their defensive displays, he has a chance of being the reserve GK. 
Firpo - LB - OVR 78 Firpo has been defensively sound for Betis all season who could be one of the other teams to bag a few TOTS, with Firpo the big question is what his nation will be as will be interesting as could play a part on demand for him in terms of cost and ability to put him in teams.
Guillermo Maripan - CB - OVR 77 Maripan has been a key part of the Alaves team who have been in the top half of the league all season, while they have struggled recently, his performances merit a TOTS whether this be in Most Consistent or La Liga.
Jesus Navas - RM - OVR 81 Navas has been a key part of the Sevilla midfield alongside Sarabia while others may get the nod over him, his efforts can't be knocked at least, has a strong shout to be in though.
Borja Iglesias - ST - OVR 78 Iglesias has made La Liga his own in recent seasons and proved a shrewd striker for Espanyol, with another good season as shown by an upgrade, he's also been someone that was unlucky to not feature in most consistent but should in this for his goal tally this season, helping Espanyol to a top half finish.


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