TOTW #34 predictions by GISALEGEND

By GISALEGEND 7 May, 2019 07:27

TOTW34 looks to have the potential to be a TOTW to forget with TOTS inbound seems ample will just be SBC Fodder but only a few that potentially stand out as leagues begin to end.
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Walter Benitez - GK - OVR 77 Benitez looking set for a TIF after an impressive shift in, but the thing is he earned a 8 from L'equipe and made 4 saves, the problem is its a 1-1 draw versus PSG so may go against but an 8 is usually tough to ignore.

Trent Alexander-Arnold - RB - OVR 78 Liverpool were made to work against Newcastle but TAA stood out with 2 assists, this could prove to be a cheap but handy 84 rated EPL Card to keep in mind for SBCs/Objectives in due course.
Seamus Coleman - RB - OVR 80 Coleman always seems to get an IF annually and looks set for 1 here with a goal and clean sheet, to help Everton in their battle for Europe. 
Andre Almeida - RB - OVR 79 Another potential cheap 84 is Almeida who looks set for a SIF after 2 assists in Benfica's win.

Bruno Fernandes - CAM - OVR 84 Fernandes is back on the special trail again it appears after a hat-trick and 1 assist, with this latest IF appearing to stand out more and with him standing out well this week would be tough to see him miss out.  
Charles Aranguiz - CM - OVR 81 Aranguiz was impressive with 1 goal and 2 assists for Leverkusen's win and due to this a SIF looks set at last, but as a few stood out in this game he may miss out despite being POTW & earning a 1.
Valentin Rongier - CM - OVR 79 Rongier looks set for a 2nd IF which could be a cheap option to have at this time, he got 1 goal and 1 assist which should be enough for him.
Fernando - CDM - OVR 79 Galatasaray bagged an important victory against Besiktas. Fernando played a big part in this with 1 goal and 1 assist which could add him to the cheap SBC Fodder club this week.

Santi Mina - ST - OVR 80 Santi Mina looks set for another special card after 2 goals and 2 assists in their win plus a 3 from Marca, while Rodrigo/Wass stood out too we feel Mina gets the nod.
Marko Arnautovic - ST - OVR 82 Owners of this SBC card from the Headliners will be excited as he bagged 2 goals for West Ham making him set for a handy upgrade in time for TOTS.
Taison - LM - OVR 82 Taison led the line for and did his bit with 3 assists, making him set for his annual special card.

Geronimo Rulli - GK - OVR 81 Rulli was impressive with 6 saves, clean sheet and 3 from Marca. We feel despite other stand out GKs he gets the nod in this week.
Mariano - ST - OVR 80 Mariano led the line for Real Madrid and did his bit with 2 goals and a 3 from Marca, with a OTW too will help him out a bit for his chances too.
Remy Cabella - CAM - OVR 78 Cabella got 1 goal & 1 assist & an a 8 from l'equipe in a vital win for St Etienne as battle for European Places but as a result of this performance hopefully done enough to get in the TOTW. 
Borja Iglesias - ST - OVR 78 Iglesias ran the show for Espanyol getting 2 goals and a 3 from Marca making him set to get a 1st IF.
Martin Braithwaite - ST - OVR 76 Braithwaite stood out with 1 goal and 2 assists and a 3 from Marca, giving him his spot potentially in the TOTW.
Marcel Tisserand - CB - OVR 75 Tisserand stood out with 1 goal and clean sheet, giving him his spot potentially in the TOTW.
Felipe - CB - OVR 75 Felipe was key as he got 2 goals, clean sheet and 8 from Gazzetta giving him a spot in the TOTW.

Jozo Simunovic - CB - OVR 71 Simunovic looks set for an IF after his goal and clean sheet helped seal the league for Celtic.
George Moncur - LM- OVR 68 Another of the league seals is Moncur with 2 goals as he helped Luton to the league title.
Philipp Hofmann - ST- OVR 68 Hofmann ran riot with a hat-trick joining discard IF Club as a result.
Aliou Badji - ST- OVR 63 Badji part of the silver IF Club after a hat-trick, will be tough to not ignore with lack of hat-tricks this week.
Amor Layouni - ST - OVR 63 Rounding off the TOTW and 2nd member of this week's silver IF Club after a hat-trick is Layouni, will be tough to not ignore with lack of hat-tricks this week.


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