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By GISALEGEND 30 Apr, 2019 09:21

TOTW33 looks to have the potential to be a good TOTW in the higher tier end, with a number of individual performances standing out, with a number of cheap options to keep in mind with potential for ample SBC Fodder too.
The big question is who gets in from games such as Liverpool, Roma and possibly even Barcelona
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Stephane Ruffier- GK - OVR 84 Ruffier looking set for a SIF after an impressive shift in, but the thing is he only earned a 6 from L'equipe and 3 saves, 1 being a penalty saves plus a clean sheet into the bargain, as a result done enough surely to get in despite his low rating from L'equipe.

Federico Fazio - CB - OVR 82 Roma were impressive all over with Fazio standing out for a goal and a clean sheet, now while Kolarov and Pastore both did the same with a goal and get a 7 from Gazzetta we've opted for Fazio, due to this deserves his first IF.
Nicolas Nkoulou - CB - OVR 80 While Belotti, Izzo, Berenguer all stood out this week, we have opted for Nkoulou from the game with his 7.5 from Gazzetta, despite ample others with the same rating. As Torino won 2-0 versus Milan, someone from this game should do enough to get in the TOTW.
Daniel Caligiuri- RWB - OVR 80 Caligiuri seems to produce the goods when required, continues to show his form for Schalke and as a result a TIF could be inbound. thus making this the best version yet but the position change could ruin its use a little compared to at RB, could still be a nice card regardless. 

Eran Zahavi - CAM - OVR 80 Zahavi is back on the special trail again it appears after a hat-trick, with this latest IF appearing to stand out more and with the CSL standing out well this week could be tough to see who misses out.  
Jonathan Viera - CAM - OVR 82 Viera was impressive with 3 goals for his team's win and  due to this an IF looks set at last, but as Zahavi stood out too 1 may miss out.
Pizzi - CM - OVR 83 Pizzi looks set for a 2nd IF which could be a cheap option to his UEL Live  Card, he got 2 goald and 1 assist which should be enough for him.
Campana - CM - OVR 79 Levante bagged an important victory in their battle to stay up with them winning 4-0 in midweek. While Coke and Jason were impressive, we've opted for Campana for his 2 goals and 3 from Marca.

Mohamed Salah - ST - OVR 88 Salah looks set for another special card after 2 goals and 1 assist in their win, while Robertson, Mane and Alexander-Arnold all stood out too, we've opted for Salah.
Wout Weghorst - ST - OVR 77 Weghorst continues to stand-out and run late for a TOTS Card a TIF seems set for him after 2 goals & 1 assist in Wolfsburg's win. 
Dusan Tadic - ST - OVR 80 Tadic standing out again with 2 goals and 1 assist, he's been avoided enough times in recent weeks, this week he surely cannot for an over-due IF & his best card so far.

Diogo Jota - ST - OVR 78 Jota was impressive in Wolves victory over Watford which is why we've picked him, due to the nature of the win with 1 goal and 1 assist may do enough to see him make TOTW.
Sergio Rico - GK- OVR 80 The Fulham GK was impressive in his side's 1-0 win with 8 saves & a clean sheet should see him in.
Graziano Pelle - ST - OVR 77 Pelle got a hat-trick which was the same as Zahavi & Viera which may make tough to include all 3 but as a result of this performance hopefully done enough to get in the TOTW. 
Munir - ST - OVR 76 Munir stood out with 2 goals and 1 assist and a 3 from Marca, giving him his spot potentially in the TOTW.
Felipe Caicedo - ST - OVR 77 Caicedo may not be the Lazio player we hope for to bag an IF due to rating but he got 2 goals & a 8 on Gazzetta to get a 1st IF.
Nicola Sansone - LW - OVR 76 Sansone stood out with 1 goal and 1 assist and a 7.5 from Gazzetta, giving him his spot potentially in the TOTW.
Yousef Atal - LW - OVR 75 A strange change here with Atal going from RB to LW but scored a hat-trick in Nice's 3-0 win which should do enough to get in.

Artur Sobiech - ST - OVR 69 Sobiech looks set for a SIF while in the reserves after his hat-trick.
Hamdi Harbaoui - ST - OVR 74 Harbaoui joins the hat-trick club as he ran riot bagging potentially 1st IF this FIFA.
Jack O'Connell - CB- OVR 73 O'Connell got 1 goal, 1 assist and a clean sheet in Sheffield United's victory back to the Premier League.
Osayamen Osawe - ST- OVR 68 The Nigeria forward joins the hat-trick club with his performance for his team plus an assist, which should do enough to be part of the upcoming TOTW.
Glen Moss - GK - OVR 65 Rounding off the TOTW Moss made 10 saves and a clean sheet would be very difficult to not include after such a performance. 


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