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By GISALEGEND 12 Mar, 2019 23:45

FIFA 19 Carniball Hatem Ben Arfa Player Review (86) Player Review W/Gameplay & In-Game Stats
Video Review -
The Rennes midfielder has been given a major boost from his 79 rated card to an 86 & is definitely apparent as the standout stats are 94 Dribbling, 88 Acceleration, 87 Agility, 85 Ball Control, Vision, Shot Power and Short Passing
From playing with him and as shown in the video review his passing, pace and shooting especially are impressive, has enough pace to beat defenders. The objective is not the easiest if trying to do yourself but with friends can be a bit more achievable.

In our starting team we played Ben Arfa at CDM due to the team we currently rock with as he linking him to everyone around in the 4231. From there we moved him to CAM swapping with Seedorf to allow him to be the creative outlet, we would let him take set-pieces and try get those crucial passes to Ronaldo. While he had his chances and came close, we felt his stamina was a big issue as couldn't last 90 minutes and had to be subbed off, this has been the common issue highlighted.
In terms of comparing him to other mids best way really is the IF Hulk obtained from FUT Swap plus Can & Talisca objectives cards too.

Overall analysis
Is he worth it - 10/10 (Practically free, just stamina/contracts & potential buying of 2 French Silver Forwards)
Value - 10/10 (Obtained via Weekly Objective) (Time Required 3 hours)
Usability - 8/10  (Nation/Stats Major Pros)
Overall - 6.5/10 (A good card to own but just did not enjoy him compared to other mids and stamina)

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85 PAC
36 DRI
48 SHO
42 DEF
62 PAS
67 PHY

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