"FUT Alert" - A trading companion app for FIFA 18

By FUT Alert 13 Apr, 2018 16:00

With the release of FIFA 18 back in September 2017, FIFA Ultimate Team fans have been treated to get their hands on depicting football legends called "Icons".

As the most elite players in game, those cards came with a hefty price tag, by means of a virtual in-game currency. For players to earn this virtual currency, they have to trade their cards at an in-game marketplace. 

"Buy Low, Sell High strategy, is the heart of this game mode. It's the distinctive and decisive factor for you to be a successful trader, or not." says CEO of ELC Soft Ltd, Cenk Butunley.


And he added: "That's where FUT Alert comes into play. Our mobile app, notifies you to buy or sell cards according to several aspects, including but not limited to market movements."

With this in mind, we have decided to give it a go. The app comes with 3 different features:

  • The first feature is pretty straight forward. You can set an upper or lower price for a player; then if the lowest "Buy it Now" price of the player reaches that set limit, you get a notification. 
  • Second feature is a bit more complicated than that. You have to choose a market by a card type, rating and a price range. There is also an option to view the cheapest or most expensive players for that specific market.
  • In the third feature you can watch "Ones to Watch" players, their progress during the live matches and get instant notifications.

FUT Alert Team also claims that the app will be driven by the FIFA gaming community, by their feedbacks only. 

From what we could see, the app seemed useful for FIFA gamers and it might be helpful for players planning to trade their way to build a Super Team. The only downside is that the app is only available on the Apple AppStore for now. Android phone owners have to wait at least a few more months before they can get their hands on the FUT Alert app. 

For those wishing to learn more about FUT Alert, you can either visit their website: or download the app from the Apple AppStore from 15th of April 2018, 8:00PM.

For details please check: https://www.futalert.co.uk