TOTW16 Predictions by GISALEGEND

FIFA 19 TOTW Predictions is here got my TOTW 16 predictions, aim to get this out every week, hopefully you enjoy this and let me know your thoughts on who should make TOTW 16 as looks to be a good TOTW ahead.

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FIFA 19 Black Friday Market Guide by GISALEGEND

FIFA 19 Black Friday Market Guide focusing on everything possible from IFs, UCL, Icons, Scream, Elite rated cards etc. The aim to give you an idea what to do during Black Friday and hopefully not create a panic in the market...

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FIFA 19 Cheapest Possible A-League SBC - SBC Honda or SBC Riera by GISALEGEND

FIFA 19 League SBCs & Squad Builder Challenges have proved so popular for people to do thought show how to do the A-League League SBC for SBC Honda or SBC Riera for the cheapest possible plus discuss the prices, requirements and more.

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