FUT 18: SBC - Calcio A TOTS 29 May, 2018

All prices are approximate.

"Min price of cards from pack" - the minimum cost of the worst possible cards of the pack.
(min. players + max. items + consumable cards)
(quick sell price of players + quick sell price of items + min. price of consumable cards at the market, including EA tax)

Calcio A TOTS
Calcio A TOTS
Exchange a TOTS Player for a Calcio A TOTS Player [Untradeable]
  • - TOTS Players: Exactly 1;
  • - # of players from Calcio A: Min 2;
  • - Squad Rating: Min 82;
  • - Team Chemistry: Min 65;
  • - # of players in the Squad: 11.
PS4 28.55K coins | X-Box One 28.9K coins | Origin 35.65K coins

Main rewards

Calcio A TOTS
Common rewards:
Total rewards:
Rewards info:
Total price of packs: 0 coins
Total min price of cards from pack: 0 coins
Total min players in pack: 0
Total coins: 0
Total spending:
PS4 -28.55K coins | X-Box One -28.9K coins | Origin -35.65K coins
Total profit:
PS4 -28.55K coins | X-Box One -28.9K coins | Origin -35.65K coins