FUT 18: SBC - Leagues

Pro League
Exchange each club from the Pro League to earn SBC Teodorczyk [Untradeable]
Player card: Teodorczyk
15K coins
PS4 143.95K coins | X-Box One 197.9K coins | Origin 94.1K coins
Premier League
Exchange each club from the Premier League to earn SBC De Bruyne [Untradeable]
Player card: De Bruyne
22.5K coins
PS4 303.4K coins | X-Box One 362.95K coins | Origin 525.85K coins
Hyundai A-League
Exchange each club from the Hyundai A-League to earn SBC Bobô [Untradeable]
Player card: Bobô
10K coins
PS4 120.35K coins | X-Box One 245.45K coins | Origin 79.85K coins
LaLiga Santander
Exchange each club from LaLiga Santander to earn SBC Griezmann [Untradeable]
Player card: Griezmann
22.5K coins
PS4 402.65K coins | X-Box One 427.65K coins | Origin 626.85K coins
Meiji Yasuda J1 League
Exchange each club from the Meiji Yasuda J1 League to earn SBC Cristiano [Untradeable]
Player card: Cristiano
10K coins
PS4 85.5K coins | X-Box One 161.2K coins | Origin 168.35K coins
Exchange each club from the Bundesliga to earn SBC Thiago [Untradeable]
Player card: Thiago
22.5K coins
PS4 180.3K coins | X-Box One 212.85K coins | Origin 324.75K coins
Major League Soccer
Exchange each club from the MLS to earn SBC Sebastian Giovinco [Untradeable]
Player card: Giovinco
25K coins
PS4 177.5K coins | X-Box One 321.85K coins | Origin 236.25K coins
Calcio A
Exchange each club from Calcio A to earn SBC Marek Hamšík [Untradeable]
Player card: Hamšík
25K coins
PS4 238.05K coins | X-Box One 301.2K coins | Origin 465.35K coins
Dawry Jameel
Exchange each club from the Dawry Jameel to earn SBC Omar Al Soma [Untradeable]
Player card: Al Soma
20K coins
PS4 106.95K coins | X-Box One 195.35K coins | Origin 142.95K coins
Ligue 1 Conforama
Exchange each club from Ligue 1 Conforama to earn SBC Edinson Cavani [Untradeable]
Player card: Cavani
22.5K coins
PS4 225.75K coins | X-Box One 308.6K coins | Origin 370.05K coins