FUT 18: SBC - Basic

Let's Keep Going
Learn some more Squad Building techniques [Untradeable Rewards]
Premium Loan Player Reward Premium Loan Player Reward (1/1/1) x 1
PS4 5K coins | X-Box One 5.4K coins | Origin 19.1K coins
Let's Get Started
Learn the basics of Squad Building Challenges and earn a Two Players Pack [Untradeable]
Gold Rare Two Players Gold Rare Two Players (2/2/2) x 1
PS4 1.6K coins | X-Box One 1.6K coins | Origin 1.6K coins
League and Nation Basics
Try building some squads with basic League and Nation requirements [Tradeable Rewards]
All Players All Players (12/4/1) x 1
PS4 4.25K coins | X-Box One 5.95K coins | Origin 4.75K coins