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"FUT Alert" - A trading companion app for FIFA 18

With the release of FIFA 18 back in September 2017, FIFA Ultimate Team fans have been treated to get their hands on depicting football legends called "Icons". read more

Team of the Week 30 prediction

Team of the Week # 30 prediction. read more

Player of the Month (March)

Vote for your best PL Player of the March read more

Team of the Week 29 prediction

Team of the Week # 29 prediction. read more

Player of the Month contenders (March)

We must admit that Mohamed Salah is the most productive player of the Premier League this season. And again he becomes the main contender for the "player of the month" award (March). For 4 matches (360 minutes), he scored 6 goals and made 1 assist. read more


Squad Building Challenges

We estimate the worth of the SBC and it’s received rewards. This will help you realize your opportunities and expectations from the challenges.

Next MM prediction

We created the calendar based on the collected data, including the top football matches that are going to take place. There you can find derbies, historical rivalries and other important games that have a high chance to get into the squad building challenge.

Ajax Ajax - AZ AZ
Inter Inter - Juventus Juventus
Galatasar. Galatasar. - Beşiktaş Beşiktaş
R.Sociedad R.Sociedad - Bilbao Bilbao
Schalke Schalke - M'gladbach M'gladbach
Arsenal Arsenal - At. Madrid At. Madrid
Team of the Week Team of the Week

We collect player statistics every week to create a list of contenders for Team of the Week. Learn more.

Path to Glory Path to Glory

New section "Path to Glory" already available at our web site. Follow the matches and statistics of the owners of these cards with us. more

Ones to Watch Ones to Watch

We are watching the players, who own the "OnesToWatch" black cards. Find their club games statistics and fixtures here.

EPL Player of the Mont EPL Player of the Mont

Who will be the next Player of the Month in the English Premier League? We monitor the statistics of the EPL players and can help you with the requirements for SBC. Learn more.

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Re: FUT 18 Analytics | SBC Leagues prediction

I don't think so. They have probably changed scottish league with australian one. Next month, the first friday will be in the middle of tots and would be useless send out only one league because of the hype. (I say only one because is difficult to find another league to match with it)

Re: FUT 18 Analytics | SBC Leagues prediction

Whats with scotish league?? Maybe there is coming??

Re: FUT 18 Analytics | SBC Leagues prediction

That's it. Now that all the leagues are out I think these comments will finish... it was a pleasure to wait every month for league sbc with you. Have a good "fifa", guys!

Re: FUT 18 Analytics | Marquee matchups prediction | 10 Apr, 2018

Out of curiosity from a newcomer. What does the colouration of fixtures mean? The Green, Blue and Red colours. I've searched for an explanation, but didn't find any.

Re: FUT 18 Analytics | SBC Leagues prediction

bang on again you complete f**ktard

Re: FUT 18 Analytics | SBC Leagues prediction

Dude, you are annoying! We dont want to know anymore and we dont care, keep your **** to yourself